Have you been thinking about replacing your roof? Well, fall is a great time to go ahead and get the work done.

Hurricane season is over.

The biggest reason why fall is a great time to get your roof replaced is that hurricane season is officially over. While many people think of hurricanes as a tropical issue, the reality is that New Jersey gets hit pretty hard by hurricanes and tropical storms. You do not want to be in the middle of a roof repair when a big storm is coming!

You may also have sustained some roof damage from the storms this summer. Even if you have not noticed any leaks, many tropical storms or hurricanes cause wind damage that threatens the structural integrity of your roof. In some instances, your insurance may even pay for replacement. So, getting a roof inspection in the fall, after the storm season has ended, is always a great idea.

It is not snowing, yet.

You are going to have snow and ice on your roof this winter. The freezing weather is going to cause contraction and expansion of your roof’s surface. Is your roof ready for it? If not, you could be looking at leaks over the winter. Unfortunately, once we get into the heavy winter storm season, it can be much more difficult and sometimes impossible to replace your roof. If your roof is not ready for another season of winter storms, get it replaced now before winter hits.

The weather is great.

Roofers are tough but working in the hot summer sun can take its toll on even the toughest of folks. Getting your roof replaced in the fall means you get workers who are fresher and can work longer. Depending on the size of your roofing project, this can take hours or even days off of your project. Of course, at Badger Roofing, you are going to get a high-quality roofing installation whenever you buy your roof. Our crews will just be able to work more efficiently in better weather.

Roofing materials are easier to apply in good weather conditions.

Shingles can break in extremely cold weather, which can increase costs for material and labor. While these cost differences are not likely to be extreme, we can offer you the best value on roofing jobs in the fall and the spring.

Curious? Give us a call. We would be happy to come out and give you an estimate on your roof replacement. We will also work with your insurance company to help you get coverage if your roof sustained damage.