Commercial Roofing Experts

We are the Commercial Roofing Experts in NJ

A roof is a roof is a roof …. or is it? Customers are often surprised to hear just how many differences there are between residential and commercial roofs; from construction design to building code reqs, understanding these factors is integral in assuring the safety of your roofing project. That being said, don’t worry if you’re no expert: at Badger, we are.

Commercial roofs differ in multiple ways from their residential counterparts. Typically low-sloped or flat, they tend to accumulate water, snow, and debris; maintenance and material costs are therefore of great importance. Waterproofing techniques are dire, as well as undercarriage support for open design concepts. Extra care is required around external and HVAC equipment, not to mention the sheer size of many projects. Be it shingles, shakes, or solar, repair and replacement protocol vary vastly and must be paid acute attention. Daunting as this all may sound, our experience and expertise at Badger guarantees safe and successful project implementation.