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Case Study: Working for 3M in Bedminster

Working for 3M in Bedminster over a production line can be challenging. The production line makes thermometers where cleanliness is a must. To combat this problem we brought in an outside contractor that provided interior protection. What they do is install large sheets of plastic (kind of like 3M scotch tape) beneath the steel deck of the building. The theory is that all of the dust that falls down will stick to the plastic. When the plastic is removed after project completion all the debris should stay adhered to the plastic when it is removed. A clean environment will then be maintained.

To be extra cautious on maintaining a clean environment we cut holes through the roof deck and attached a hepa filter to the roof. This was to exhaust the air that is between the deck and the plastic. When the air is discharged through the hepa filter the dirt and debris gets caught in the filter. The dust gets forced out of the building. The project was completed successfully. It goes to show that there are more precautions that can be taken when necessary.


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Shingle Roof Installation @ Sacred Heart Church

Case Study: Sacred Heart Church/South Amboy

Proper Protection

At Sacred Heart Church we were contracted to replace built in copper gutters and tear off the existing roofing and install a new 40 year shingle roof.

The building grounds were immaculate and the exterior masonry was just recently cleaned and repointed. In addition we had to protect a porcelain statue of Pope John Paul. Old asphalt shingles being torn off would surely leave marks on the side of the masonry and possibly break the statue. To eliminate this problem we erected scaffolding over the statue and covered it with plywood. We wrapped the entire scaffolding with polyester tarp and set up a hoist enabling us to bag the roofing debris and lower it to the ground. The amount of additional cost was insignificant. Having a happy customer and a successful job is paramount for all Badger Roofing projects.

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