Every roofing system on a commercial or industrial building has different stages during the life cycle. Some of the newer options in roofing systems have extended duty cycles, and provide an exceptional return on investment when considered over their entire life.

Different roofing services offered by top commercial roofing contractors can help to maximize the life cycle of any roof. Think of this as the same maintenance you perform on the buildings’ HVAC systems, electrical systems, and other components.

At Badger Roofing, we offer a full packaging of roofing services for any stage of your commercial roof. We can meet with you to determine a customized approach to keeping your roof in top condition.

Installation or Replacement

In many cases, our roofing services start with the installation on a new building or the replacement of an existing roof. We specialize in removing old roofing systems and installing the best and most effective roofing systems for the property and roofing requirements.

Roofing Maintenance

Roof maintenance is an essential factor in extending the life of any commercial roofing system. We can provide cost-effective maintenance contracts to work on existing roofs or to add to the life cycle of the roofing systems we have installed. With our experience with New Jersey weather and roof wear and tear, we can provide the maintenance needed to keep your roofing system warranty active.

Emergency Repairs

Storms, ice, heat, and even accidents can cause damage to your commercial roof. We offer full emergency roofing services for businesses, Just give us a call at 732.424.9498, and we can get started on the necessary repairs.