Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing

Not all roofing companies are created equal. From underneath, it may seem like all roofs are essentially the same. However, there are substantial differences between commercial and residential roofing, which can make it important that you choose a roofing contractor with commercial roofing experience for your commercial roofing needs. Even the best residential roofing contractor may not have the experience or skills required for a commercial roofing project.

One of the first differences in commercial roofing projects tends to be the size of the project. Generally, though not always, commercial roofing projects tend to be larger than residential roofing projects. Even in scenarios where the desired look for the project is a residential look, which is a pitched roof that is covered in shingles, the dimensions are going to be larger than most residential projects. This can also impact things like what type of slope is required for optimal water and snow run-off. In addition, these projects may have hidden flat areas, which are needed to support on-roof HVAC systems or other mechanical systems. Therefore, the design of the roof, even if it looks similar to a home’s roof, may be very different.

In most cases, commercial roofs are not designed to look like residential roofs. Instead, they have a flat design that makes the most of available space and allows a business to place HVAC systems, ventilation systems, smokestacks, and external piping on the roof’s surface. In some commercial spaces, these flat roofs are designed to serve as additional real estate and maybe the location for a roof-top bar, terrace, swimming pool, or other attraction. This can make a tremendous difference in the type of load the roof will need to bear, which not only impacts initial construction but also guides repairs. In addition, commercial roofs are often installed in sections, which means that partial roof replacement may be an option if some portions of a commercial roof are damaged.

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