One of the challenges for any business or homeowner in New Jersey is in selecting the best type of roofing system for their building. With so many different types of options from more traditional metal or asphalt shingles to EPDM and thermoplastic types of commercial roofing options, choosing the right option is important for your budget as well as roofing requirements.

At Badger Roofing Company, we start by evaluating the needs of your roof. This includes the roof type, from traditional roofs on homes in the area to the flat roofing systems used on commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other types of facilities.

We also take the time to consider any special concerns or issues with the roof. This could include the need to have equipment on the roof, to provide vents for heat or processes in an industrial building, or the need for an aesthetically pleasing roof to blend into a neighborhood or the surroundings. As commercial roofing is our specialty, we can find the roof style and solution to meet all of these factors.

Waterproof Roofing Solutions

We provide seamless and effective commercial roofing for flat roof systems. With this type of installation, the advanced preparation of the roof, as well as the correct application of the right roofing system, is critical to prevent imperfections in the material that leads to low areas and water retention on the roof.

Energy Saving Roofing Options

We offer new options in green roofing systems and commercial roofing solutions that reflect heat and help to decrease the cost of cooling buildings in the hot summer months. We can discuss options for these energy-saving roofing solutions, just get in touch with our roofing experts at 732.424.9498.